Naomi Atkinson

Senior Garden Designer

Naomi has been with JTLGD for many years and has worked alongside Jo to develop a lot of the gardens in our portfolio.

Naomi graduated from London College of Garden Design in 2018,
having previously completed qualifications in Horticulture at Capel Manor College in London. Naomi is a self-proclaimed garden obsessive – whilst training she even lived in a caravan on a garden she was studying. That’s commitment.

When it comes to design approach, Naomi takes inspiration from the natural landscape as well as philosophy, architecture and art. She is planning several international trips including Picos de Europea to see the Spring wildflowers and Japan to learn more about garden design theory Miegakure.

Like many of the team, Naomi spends most of her free time in the garden. That’s where you’ll find her year round, living on hot chocolate in the winter. She’s even been known to garden in the dark…