Coastal Retreat, Sussex

A family garden

An idllylic sanctuary nestled into the Sussex coastline.

Providing a serene haven in an open East Sussex shoreline, this coastal garden was designed for a family who love the sea, beachcombing, sunbathing, sitting in the shade, gardening and entertaining.

The gentle, green hues of a carefully selected plant palette sing against the wide blue sky, whilst driftwood timbers and natural stone converse with the garden’s immediate environment.

Dwarf pines and domes of rosemary provide soft pillows of structure, whilst daisy-flowered erigeron self-seed and tumble over natural stone steps and structural grasses sway in the salt-laden breezes.

A contemporary take on traditional crazy paving leads the eye along a stone pathway which winds around the garden, past a timber bench nestled into an abundance of lavender and on to a small terrace, which provides a comforting shelter against the elements.

An outdoor shower is tucked away in one corner, a barbecue sits near a terrace, and seating areas are placed throughout the space in order to provide places to sit and enjoy the view.

This garden has a real sense of home whilst being perfectly anchored into its landscape, providing privacy in a place that’s open to all.

Gold Medal winner: Association of Professional Landscape Designers Residential Design Awards 2022

Photography by Rachel Warne, Built by The Outdoor Room