Secret Garden

A garden full of surprises

This large garden in a leafy area of London conceals a number of surprises within it. Constructed over a new basement, a series of drystone walls create terraces with provide year-round structure and views from all storeys of the house. 

Designed for a plant lover and a lover of sport, this garden needed to appeal to all members of the family. A loose, romantic planting of shrubs and blossoming trees create layers of interest which screen the labyrinth route as the visitor travels along it.

At a midway point invisible from the house, radiating semi-circles of stone create an amphitheatre-like seating area, where  friends gather to relax, to socialise, and also to watch the action taking place on the key part of the brief of this garden: a sports pitch completely concealed from  the rest of the space.

Photography by Rachel Warne