Highgate Cemetery Landscape Architecture competition – winners announced

Jo Thompson Landscape & Garden Design are delighted to announce our collaboration with Gustafson Porter + Bowman, winning the competition to conserve and replant the historic landscape of Highgate Cemetery in North London on behalf of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust. 

We have been working with GP+B on a strategy for the planting of the site, including introducing and establishing trees, open grassy meadows and shady glade areas as well as developing and encouraging species-rich communities to enhance biodiversity. 

Highgate Cemetery is one of the world’s most iconic cemeteries, rich in history and well-known for the famous figures who are buried there, including Karl Marx and Lucien Freud. It is also an active burial site, used on a weekly basis as the final resting place for loved ones and is regularly visited by the friends and families of those buried there. Local residents and tourists from all over the world come to enjoy its quiet tranquillity and atmosphere of gentle decay.

Read the announcement from Highgate Cemetery here.